What’s your safe word? NEW Urban Decay Perversion mascara/ Subversion primer.

photo 1-2

Limited Edition Set.


 This mascara has been all over instagram recently and after trying it I’m not at all surprised. It holds an arsenal of nourishing ingredients within its formula with the blacker than black intensity of  Perversion liner- which is probably my favourite …EVER. Tag team it with the subversion primer and you have a great solution for short sparse lashes

photo 5

Deluxe sample

photo 2-3

Full size.

One of the selling points of these two is they are totally buildable. You can go fluttery or super glamourous just depending on how many coats you apply and because the formula is flexible it never dries, clumps, or flakes. I agree with this. I did about 5-6 coats to test it out. One side with the primer one side without, both ways were great although the primer thickened my lashes nicely.

It reminds me of the look I get with The magnetic lash system just minus the fall out from the fibres. I know a few people have compared it to They’re real but… thats a band wagon I never jumped on. I find They’re real quite dry and impossible to take off. Sorry Benebabes I’m a pervert. 

photo 1.PNG-2


With primer on the right eye, without on the left.

This is available in the UK online now from Debenhams for £17.00 or launching in stores on the 4th. Anyone lusting after this?

                                                                      El xx 

Luxury product for peanuts! – Nanshy Luxury brush set review.


Who likes affordable makeup brushes that are amazing quality? I’m going to assume you said yes and if you haven’t already heard of them, introduce you to Nanshy. These guys have really impressed me with not only their fabulous price point but … Continue reading

Ysl sale lipsticks

So basically I can’t be trusted around a makeup sale and since you’re reading this I’m guessing you can’t be either…

I had thought about buying 34 Rose Asarine  after I got the 32 and 33 from the spring collection but just never got around to it, so imagine how happy I was when I found it for £12.50! It’s a really pretty dark pink, perfect to dress up or down, it’s very long lasting too. ( I have a few white tee shirts that will vouch for this.)

I wasn’t going to get 108 but then the pretty shimmer kind of sold me. 108 is easy to wear and lovely to mix with other  lipsticks to achieve the shimmer effect and this was also £12.50 (Both from the John Lewis sale). I wouldn’t bother looking online as everything is sold out but pop in to a counter and you might still find they have stock.

20140630-083508 pm-74108626.jpg



photo 2






photo 3


Thanks for reading,

El xx


**3 most used lipsticks this ss14**




Hello every one! how has your year been going? I’ve been missing in action for a while, my son’s been growing so quickly that I don’t want to miss a thing! so we have been quite busy with life. I definitely need to get back into the habit of posting weekly though, I actually have quite a few things to share- my new skin care regime being one of them and a few product reviews also.

So any way moving on…here are my 3 most used lipsticks this SS14!


 *M.A.C Amplified in Impassioned I saw this in the airport and I was immediately drawn to it. This color is so bright it’s basically fluorescent, the perfect corally pink with a tiny hint of red. I really enjoy the formula, it lasts a long time throughout the day and feels quite rich on too.


*Elizabeth Arden ceramide in Coral vibrations – I was telling my friend today (whilst buying 2 more lipsticks…i know.) that Elizabeth Arden makeup shouldn’t be underestimated, this lipstick backs up my statement 100%. The super pigmented and thick formula actually gives the appearance of bigger lips and the color selection isn’t to shabby either. The only place I’ve been able to locate this particular shade is in the USA but if you like the color it is an almost exact match to YSL’s Rouge Volumpte 52 and I mean you can barely tell them apart!



*Lime Crime opaque lipstick in Babette- One thing that I never fail to fall for is any variation of a nude and this one is so deliciously pink that when it came out last year I wasted no time in acquiring it from love-makeup and this summer it’s been in my bag constantly. Not only is it gorgeous by its self, it’s a great mixer to lighten up other shades too! High quality and great price point.



So keeping it short and sweet these are the lipsticks I’ve been reaching for the most recently, what are yours?

El xx





Revlon perfumerie polish in ginger melon

20140425-113947 am.jpg

Hello beautifuls❤
I'm back from taking some time off and thought I would start out with a quick iPhone post about a polish that I have really loved wearing this month.

I was anticipating the launch of these in my local boots and really wanted to know how the scents worked/ what they were etc and if any one else out there opened up the bottle and took a big whiff…just know that you are not alone in this epic fail.

When I painted my nails and they were DRY which may I add was a surprisingly quick process that's when I could smell the scent of the polish. The brush is quite narrow so really easy to use as well.
I love this pinky coral shade and will definitely be picking up a few other colors too.
Who else has enjoyed using these or wanted to try these this month? ,
El xx

20140425-105913 am.jpg

20140425-110002 am.jpg

My Boots 3 for 2



Hey guys! How is everyone? Last week I went into boots to have a “look around” and found a few things… but with the 3 for 2 and a No7 voucher I got everything for about £10.00 so technically that’s 50% off – how’s a girl supposed to resist?









 I was curious after I read the name of Seventeen’s Instant Glow Shimmer Brick. Shimmer brick? Can they really be allowed to use that name? It caught my attention long enough for me to dip my finger in the tester and I was so surprised with how creamy and pigmented the powder was and at a price of £4.99! I can’t get enough of high lighters and bronzers recently, I might even prefer this to the Revlon high lighting palettes.





I love a good coverage foundation especially a long lasting one. After I splurged on Double Wear, a cheaper option for more frequent use was needed and I’m so happy with the color of this Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Foundation (cool beige). It’s ideal for light/medium skin with yellow undertones I literally couldn’t believe my luck, of course the longevity of this is nothing compared to Double Wear and certainly not 16 hours although it doesn’t go patchy- it just needs a transparent powder to set it back in after a while not at all bad for £5.99.

I’ve really been getting into my moisturising sprays recently and this on top of the Vaseline Spray and Go makes my skin so soft and hydrated, I was slightly concerned that the oil would make my tan go patchy but the Vaseline acts like a barrier and voilà! The perfect pair. I had a No7 voucher for £5.00 off so I got this Pampering Dry Oil Spray for £4.50!



What bargains have you bought this week?,

El xx

Face Off! Maybellines Big Eyes VS Loreals Miss Manga




I bought these two a while back now so I can confidently pick the better of the two with ease! They are both supposed to give an all around wide eyed look easily coating the top and bottom lashes, something I think most mascara wearers might search for. Which one was my favourite? Lets find out.



The first one I got was the big eyes, I really loved the idea of having a separate smaller brush for my bottom lashes- I don’t have particularly long lashes on the top let alone the bottom so this was looking hopeful… and then it shattered those illusions immediately. I’m not to sure if its the brush, the dry formula, lack of product, or all of the above however I did not get on with this at all! It gave me that “5 lashes on each eye” effect and I have to say after giving a dozen attempts at this I finally gave in and bought Miss Manga.



I had heard good things about this mascara and was actually expecting this to be good. Since using the YSL false lash I have started buying a smaller brush after years of obsessing over finding the biggest mascara wand on the market and Miss Manga quickly became my best friend. Im not saying it’s a “dupe” for the YSL False lash but it does hold a lot of the qualities I enjoy about it such as: the perfect amount of product being on the wand, not being to dry, and the fact you can get in to the corners to emphasise those little baby lashes that basically don’t exist. The bend in the brush allows you to get to the bottom lashes with ease as well. It’s just all around great value for money. Miss Manga is not only the better out of the two, id say it rivals some of the pricier mascaras out there also!



 Also I bought a copy of In Style magazine and it came with this “Best Buys 2014” mag I really enjoyed reading their selections so if you need a good beauty read check this one out. Reader beware it will make you go broke almost instantly.


El xxx


YSL Spring 14′ Volumpte Rouge plus The nail polish mystery.



Hi everyone! How’s the week been for you so far? I’ve just been enjoying the weather, I think the rest of the week will entail a lot of duck feeding and park visits. Recently I’ve been in such a summery mood and loving having fresh flowers all over the flat. I have also dug out last years June Vogue (does anyone else do that? #hoarding.) it’s really got me anticipating summer. 



I don’t think I really need to go into to much detail in this post, the quality of these is that of all YSL lipsticks creamy, amazing color pay off, beautiful packaging etc etc these are just in the Spring Collection and as soon as the testers hit the back of my hand I was kicking my self for even looking. The first one pictured is “32 Jealous Coral” and the slightly more vibrant on the right is “33 Pink Neillia”  GORGEOUS!



I haven’t bothered to fake tan this week and they look really nice on how ever I know as soon as I darken up they will pop out even more, don’t you just love a bit of fake bake? urgh I do I do, so very much. So any way I won’t ramble on to much but if you think money can’t buy love/happiness you obviously haven’t seen these yet. 








On a side note I have a new favourite nail polish. It’s Loreals Color Riche in “French Riviera”. You can’t really see in the picture that it has a slight iridescent shine to it but it does and its beautiful *admires nails* sigh. 







Who else has broken down and bought any of YSL’s spring collection?,

El xx


Glitter or Litter ? My Double Wear Dilemma.


With this warm weather fast approaching (fingers crossed) it is time to start thinking about a summer make up routine. Foundation is probably the trickiest to suss especially if like me you use fake tan and vary in color. I always buy two shades and adjust to my shade that day.

I went to my local Estee Lauder counter to have a look at some different shades (after confirming in my head that new foundation was of course a NEED and not a want …like duh). The beauty consultant matched me up to “bone” and gave me a look of disgust when I also requested a box of “honey bronze” however she clearly does not know my friends are Double Wear diva extraordinaire’s who advised this is THE mixer to buy, so I forgive her.

My foundation requirements.

*Long wearing

*Transfer resistant


*Good coverage


I know this won’t come as a surprise but the lack of pump is slightly annoying and I couldn’t help but notice the mini testers had pumps… could this be a sign of whats to come? Or are Estee Lauder holding out on us? The foundation itself has great buildable coverage and it really does last all day. Honestly it is pretty similar to Revlon Colorstay which I am a fan of but I believe Double Wear lasts slightly longer and has a tad more coverage so I don’t really feel like Double Wear is a waste of money by any means. I’m fairly excited to mix this in with my Magique Lumi Primer and see how it turns out.


Now obviously I won’t be wearing “Honey Bronze” by its self but “Bone” is my perfect match for the pale days and I can add “Honey Bronze” for my tanned days. When I first tried this years ago I broke out quite badly partly because my skin was particularly sensitive at the time and partly because I didn’t remove it properly. I do own a Clarasonic now so with my Bioderma and Philosophy Purity face wash it should take it all off.


So I guess this has checked all my boxes, and I’m thinking this will be my go to foundation this SS14 I’m so looking forward to some sun! Anyone else a fan?

El xxx